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C.L. Carhart



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“You have wondered why I came to this era, and it ought to trouble you, for I do not travel time lightly, as you believe.”

I’ve made a mess of my life here in eleventh century Europe. My defiance cost Augustin his name, and now he’s banished from the Teuton community. And it just so happens that I’m pregnant with his child. Either I face public ostracism—or choose to marry Joel, who’s been trying to woo me ever since he got over his girlfriend’s death. I guess the time travelers ought to stick together. Just hope he doesn’t bother to count the months.

My only escape now is a magical dream world I share with Augustin. Reality is bleak, since Joel has a penchant for knocking me up—and the Teutons’ destruction looms on the horizon. I have to find a way to save my children from the impending apocalypse, and then gear myself up to look death in the eye.

Will my romance with Augustin withstand a demon’s wiles? Or will our devotion crumble beneath the claws of fate?

*If you like dark paranormal fantasies with secret societies, forbidden love, tough choices, and unexpected twists, this is for you. ASTRAL FANTASIA is full length (140K words), is book three of six in His Name Was Augustin series, and ends on a HFN. The series is sequential, but each book can be read and enjoyed on its own.

**Reader Discretion: This book is recommended for adults due to profanity, sexual situations, graphic violence, and mature themes.


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