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C.L. Carhart



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“I generally write the truth in my chronicles, for historians should not lie, though sometimes they misinform.”

I’m back in the twenty-first century, but it looks like my old life has dissolved. My cousin isn’t talking to me, Joel’s forsaking the mere idea of Teutonic magic, and Hans—my former crush—doubts my faith since I explored the dark path during my travels. Sure, maybe I offered my heart to a demon’s servant, but that doesn’t change anything about who I am. Right?

Now I’m torn between a sizzling urge to run back to my past lover Augustin and a loathsome destiny that pulls me toward a fated mate. My people expect me to ascend as an elegant matron, but I haven’t finished college yet. And it’s not like I can broadcast the fact that I spent twenty years in the eleventh century. Time travel brought about my people’s destruction once, and I can’t let that happen again.

It’d be a lot easier to just spurn my duties and flee to my medieval lover. But this fated mate thing is breathing down my neck, scratching at my peace—and Augustin claims our destinies are separate now. My heart isn’t ready for this.

*If you like dark paranormal fantasies with secret societies, forbidden love, tough choices, and unexpected twists, this is for you. CRYPTIC PATHWAY is full length (140K words), is book four of six in His Name Was Augustin series, and ends on a HFN. The series is sequential, but each book can be read and enjoyed on its own.

**Reader Discretion: This book is recommended for adults due to profanity, sexual situations, and mature themes.


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