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C.L. Carhart



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“No ice witch can steal you away from me.”

For a lifetime, Vreni has moved among the Teuton people as an outsider, her fire magic lurking just beyond her reach. With the help of her beloved partner Stefan, her elemental gifts creep ever closer to the surface, escalating her hopes. And her impatience. She needs her fire magic to show itself so she and Stefan can start a family of their own.

Now two Las Vegas billionaires appear on the scene, wielding enchantments suggestive of the dark path. One of them is an ice witch, and she’s looking to snare herself a mate. She sets her sights on Stefan, while Vreni fights to awaken her slumbering magic.

Can Vreni seize a fiery Christmas gift? Or will her frosty rival bewitch Stefan’s heart?

*Winter Flame is a dramatic paranormal romance set in a world similar to ours. Join Vreni and Stefan in a mysterious fantasy realm loaded with elemental witchcraft, solid friendships, and sizzling romance!

**This is a bonus story in the His Name Was Augustin series and takes place during the timeline of Lurid Curse. It can be read as a standalone and ends on a HEA.


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Edward Carhart
Winter Flame - Excellent Romantic Drama

Vreni, a young girl who’s fiery Teuton magic remains below the threshold of enabling her to manifest or use it, and her Teuton boyfriend Stefan have been patiently waiting for any manifestation of her fiery gift to no avail. Vreni lives under much frustration and even fear of ultimately losing Stefan to almost any more capable Teuton witch with useable Teuton magic. Stefan, a highly capable Teuton, remains committed to her, but lives unaware of how he could become the victim of a magical trap to remove him from Vreni.
Then, the ultimate temptation arises when occurs a visit of Teutons from strange conclave based in Las Vegas in the USA. This conclave is largely unknown for dabbling more with the dark side of Teuton magic. The man and his unwed witch daughter engage in an elemental entanglement of other Teuton young men to extract an eligible priest for his daughter’s matrimony with Stefan being the main object of this web.

Can Vreni ensure her beloved doesn't fall prey to the love spell of a rival witch?

This is a worthy romance drama worth reading.